YPL is collecting data and gauging public opinion to advocate for policies that would protect them from industry targeting.

Youth Policy Leaders is working in vulnerable communities to defend people from targeted marketing by the tobacco industry. YPL youth are leading the way to equity and social justice by researching, designing, and advocating new health policies for San Francisco.

There is a direct link between tobacco pricing and its impact on public health. When tobacco costs more, less people start smoking and more people quit. For example, a 10% increase in price could reduce tobacco use by up to 4%. In San Francisco that would be about 35,000 people (4% of 875,000).

YPL is advocating two strategies that would complement state and federal excise taxes: (1) a minimum price for cigarettes and other tobacco products, and (2) a prohibition on industry discounting tactics. Our youth polled 364 people in San Francisco across 20 neighborhoods, asking both youth and adults for their thoughts on price control policies for tobacco.

Out of 150 adults, 83% supported a policy restricting discounts, while 81% supported setting a minimum price for all tobacco products in San Francisco.

Out of 214 youth aged 16-24, 82% supported a policy restricting discounts, but only 47% supported setting a minimum price for tobacco products.


Regardless of age, ethnicity, or zip-code, the majority of San Franciscans believe tobacco companies target youth and that the city should have pricing regulations for tobacco products.

We believe the difference in support for minimum pricing policy between youth and adults is due to youth being less familiar with economics and public policy than educated adults.