Youth leaders are working with local low-income properties to help expand access to affordable smoke-free living spaces.

Access to smoke-free housing should be a right to all families living in San Francisco, not a privilege, but low-income families are struggling to keep up with the city’s historically expensive housing market. Youth Policy Leaders is campaigning to expand access to healthy and affordable housing for low-income families by advocating for voluntary smoke-free policies with local owners and property managers.

Smoke-free policies are the best way to protect residents and staff from the hazards of secondhand smoke in their homes and workplaces. Landlords in California have the right to prohibit smoking anywhere on their property because no one has a “right to smoke.”

Smoke-free Housing Informational Packet

YPL’s informational packet has facts, statistics, savings figures, and FAQ’s. It is designed for tenants, staff, and property managers interested in adopting voluntary smoke-free policies.

Click the image below to download the packet as a PDF.